Accredited Concession Supplier Certification


View this space for updates on certification schedules. Classes are held only if minimum class size is met.

Next Class:

July 16, 2024
2024 NAC Concession and Hospitality Expo
Marriott St. Louis Grand

ACS courses can be scheduled in your area of the country! Call NAC at (312) 236-3858 or email Chris Dammann to add your name to the list or if you would like to host a course in your city.

The Accredited Concession Supplier (ACS) program, is a one-day seminar that will teach suppliers how a concession operator thinks; the priorities, service objectives and challenges of concessionaires; and how you as a supplier can be a partner in meeting those needs and objectives. This course is for any supplier or salesperson to the Concessions Industry. Learn the insider tips and information that will help you sell effectively and successfully to all types of concessionaires.

The class will include the following:

-Concession Menu
-Profit Planning
-Event Planning
-Case History
-Concession Stand Management
-Supplier/Operator Relationship

After completion of the exam, you may use the designation ACS (Accredited Concession Supplier), the industry standard for supplier excellence in concessions.

Registration Fees (cost per person):


Corporate Programs:
The NAC Accredited Concession Supplier Certification program can be customized for your venue, operation, or business, and can be designed to conform to your company’s own operational policies.

Arrangements can be made to host a corporate program at a time and place of your company’s choosing. Call Dan Borschke, NAC Executive Vice President, at (312) 236-3858 or for information on holding a corporate Accredited Concession Supplier Certification program.


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