Food & Beverage General Manager – Tennessee Smokies


Start Date: October 6th, 2014
Report to: COO/Vice President
Prepared by: C. Allen
Status: Full-time


The General Manager is charged with general oversight and leadership of all food and beverage operations, and in some cases, merchandising operations. He or she serves as the linchpin for communications, support and resource allocation to optimize unit profitability and meet the day-to-day operating budget.

The General Manager will provide hands-on leadership to facilitate dining experiences that exceed guest expectations, while revenue is maximized and expenses are effectively controlled. The General Manager’s highest priorities will be to ensure that Tennessee Smokies standards for quality, eservice, timeliness, safety, security, sanitation and regulatory compliance are adhered to.

The General Manager will plan and prepare for events and activities according to anticipated guest attendance and client expectations, will provide hands-on management and oversight, and will direct and support post-event activities, reconciliation and reporting.

The General Manager will establish daily priorities and will direct the on-going activities of department head in key functional areas such as administration, culinary production, hospitality, warehousing, sales, accounting and cash management to ensure that operations run smoothly, efficiently and in accordance with the Tennessee Smokies specifications.


Major Responsibility: Oversee the procurement, production, preparation, service and sale of food and refreshments for all outlets within assigned areas.

Major Responsibility: Communicate and promote Tennessee Smokies culture and values; Provide hands-on leadership and direction to department heads and staff.

Major Responsibility: Ensure compliance with company standards, client specifications, contractual obligations, and other legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Major Responsibility: Manage the financial performance of the venue through effective control of expenses and through the development, analysis and implementation of budgets, sales plans and forecasts.


Required: Required Qualifications/Skills:

* Bachelors degree and/or appropriate combination of education and experience to support on-the-job effectiveness.

* A minimum of 5 years of previous senior leadership experience within a diverse, food and beverage environment, to include successful management of a large staff and focus on exceptional client and customer service.

* Demonstrated financial acumen with significant past P&L responsibility.

* Strong working knowledge of food safety, sanitation, and general workplace safety standards with knowledge of Health Department requirements.

* Technologically savvy, with high proficiency in all Microsoft office programs.

* Demonstrated success in interfacing with a variety of organizational functions and divisions to accomplish tasks.

* Flexibility, ability to work extended or irregular hours to include nights, weekends and holidays.

* Proven ability to work effectively with all levels of staff and management; Ability to promote and participate in team environment concepts.

* Self starter who can work independently and on several tasks/projects simultaneously, and who can contribute to functional areas of the business outside of retail operations.

* Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

* Initiative in identifying and resolving problems timely and effectively.


Chris Allen
Vice President/COO


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