New Members – 2022

These members joined NAC in 2022!

Concession Operators

Branded Marketing (3/22)
Deanna Taphorn

Brigham Young University (5/22)
Christopher Reeves
Andrew Jacobsen

CEN Media Group (3/22)
Kevin Romano

Front Row Hospitality, LLC(7/1)
Nicholas Desrosiers

Groovy Smoovies (1/5)
Antonne Jones
Sponsored by Doreen Sayegh

Holsen Inc (3/17)
Darryl Holsendolph

Horizons Conference Center (8/11)
Robert Schaeding

Kannapolis P&R (4/1)
Gary Mills

Kerasotes Showplace Theatres 7/22
Fred Myers
Isaac Stewart

Popus Gourmet Popcorn (1/13)
Tracy Smith
Walter Dean

South Branch Cinema 6 (11/4)
Kelly Williams

Spectacle Management (12/5)
Peter Lally

Traders Village Ltd. (7/11)
Tina Griffin, ICAE

University of North Texas (11/11)
Lawrence Wallace

Washington State Ferries (WSDOT) (10/24)
Jadwiga Kellock


Edward Don & Co (5/3)
Michael Perrino
Sponsored by Rob Novak, Marcus Theatres


Amundsen Commercial Kitchens Inc. (5/25)
Tom Nash

Caddy Products (Movie Image Tech) (7/15)
Jim Winebarger
Sponsored by Martin Olesen, Great Western Products

Cup Zero (10/24)
Michael Cyr

Draft Wine Guy / That Dog’ll Hunt (2/1)
John Dorminey

EMPALSA (10/26)
Alejandra Morales

good2grow, LLC (5/16)
Matt Danzig
Sponsored by Kristin M. Cullaz, Gehl Food, Inc.

Hop Robotics (1/4)
Grayson Dawson
Sponsored by Adam Gottlieb, ACS

Molly Bz inc (5/3)
Molly Blakeley
Sponsored by Kim Cook-Sorano, Galaxy Theatres

Pacific Standard Service (5/16)
Gregory Jones

Stella’s Gourmet, Inc. (5/27)
Mr. Chris Wagele

Teke Fingers LLC (5/2)
Venessa Teran

Westgate Products (4/12)
Patrick Carroll

Whirley-DrinkWorks! (12/2)
Jared Villella


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