Kernel King Shaking Up The Concession Industry

| June 10, 2015


Kernel King, A Utah based company, is revolutionizing the concession industry by offering a new way of enjoying popcorn at the movies. According to the company, custom seasoning and popcorn lids are two secret ingredients to increased customer loyalty, shorter concession lines, and thus, increased revenue and marketing value. Over 50,000 lids were sold to their first theater on the first visit.

So what is so new about Kernel King? The unique lid allows customers to season popcorn at their convenience choosing from a variety of flavors. The company finds this eliminates long concession lines as buttering popcorn to exact customer specifications is the majority of the wait time in line. The results has been increased sales and a 10-50 percent revenue boost for their theatre circuit customers.

Covering popcorn buckets with lids not only ensures flavor distribution, but also minimizes spills leading to cleaner auditoriums and lobbies. These are two very important factors to the movie theatre patron experience and has resulted in increased customer loyalty.

Seeing movies at a theatre on a large screen is a communal experience. The lid makes sharing convenient and mess-free as customers get to enjoy the ease of sharing their popcorn using the lid as a second bowl. Less mess and a new sharing experience only adds to popcorn enjoyment.

The Kernel King design fits most of the preferred buckets in use, including International Paper, Packaging Concepts, and Solo type buckets. One of their latest additions is a mini-lid that offers a new style kids pack for popcorn.

“Kernel King fulfills a long-unmet industry need. They make it extremely easy for customers to make their perfect popcorn mix, complete with just the right amount of flavoring and butter,” said Tyler Walters, Co-founder, Water Gardens Theatres. “They are perceived as a huge value add at a very reasonable cost. We anticipate that many customers who would have bought a smaller size will jump to the 170oz size due to the convenience of the lid.”

Kernel King is not just a new customer experience but a marketing differentiator that adds up to 99 percent more marketing value to the product. According to the founders, theaters are guaranteed to sell more popcorn with Kernel King, otherwise, a refund will be made.

Visit the website for marketing resources, testimonials and gallery, or contact Kernel King at the information below for more details.

About Kernel King

The founders of Kernel King, Bric Simpson and John Maynard, started a company with a passion for popcorn. The whole idea of improving the movie-going experience comes from the minds of popcorn lovers, for popcorn lovers, everywhere. The company is the true pioneer of the stick-pack style seasoning packet that offers the ultimate in convenience and spreadability. Kernel King has already partnered up with several of the top theaters, including Megaplex Theaters, Water Gardens Theatres, Santikos Theaters, Malco Theaters, Bow Tie Theaters, Carmike Cinemas, Stadium Cinemas and are looking to expand.

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