Member Spotlight – Joe Blando, Dynamic Drinkware

| December 9, 2015
Joe Blando

Joe Blando

Title: Director of Sales and Marketing

Company: Dynamic Drinkware – I am responsible for Sales and Marketing. Our company is the market leader in souvenir plastic cups. We are unique in that we manufacturer and produce all of our products in the USA. Our company currently provides the souvenir soda cups for more than 85 percent of sports venues including the World Series and Super Bowl.

Number of years in the concessions industry: Eight.

NAC member since? 2013

Favorite NAC memory: The 5K runs each year. Still hoping for a year when I actually run the assigned route.

Favorite concession item & how often do you eat it? You just cant go wrong with a hotdog. You can tell a lot about a company with the quality of the hotdog they serve.

What keeps you in the industry? For souvenir plastic cups it’s the excitement of the last minute orders. There is nothing bigger than pulling an order together for the World Series or Super Bowl. Being able to deliver in record time and set your customer up for success is priceless.

Funniest thing that has happened in your concession career: Getting a call from an NFL team asking when their cups would deliver for the NFC Championship Game. This call came just six days before the game was to be played. When I responded with the fact that they hadn’t ordered any cups for the game, the call went silent and then they realized they truly had not placed an order. After some internal yelling on the concessionaires end we figured out a plan and delivered a few hours before the gates opened. I often remind that customer of how entertaining it was to witness their initial reaction.

Biggest change in the industry: The focus on fan experience and the emphasis on quality products that add value to that experience.

Favorite part of my job: Seeing customers and exceeding their expectations. It makes the long hours worth it when you know you have helped your customer excel.

Most challenging thing about my job: Balancing production and ensuring we deliver on time all the time. We’ve done this now for five years straight and although challenging, its very rewarding.

Strangest thing on your desk or in your office: A 120 millimeter sabot round that is fired out of an M1 Tank. I served 23 years in the Army and was able to recover the last main gun round I fired.

If I wasn’t in concessions, I’d be a: professional golfer or farmer. I aspire to be both but would likely only have a shot at being a farmer.

Skill I’m most proud of: Parenting, nothing more challenging or rewarding.

Hobbies: Bow Hunting, Fishing, Golf

Best thing about being an NAC member: Relationships and meeting new people.

Most interesting or valuable thing I’ve learned at an NAC meeting: Round table discussions and hearing the perspective of those that have been in the industry for several years.

How do you motivate yourself on a tough day? I realize that cups are much safer than my pervious employment and that no one is shooting at me any more.

How do you relax? I often go out to my hunting land on the weekends with my sons. Its an old farm that is pretty remote and has limited phone service.

Volunteer Activities: I volunteer at my sons high school and often speak at schools or Veterans Day events. I additionally volunteer at YMCA and Boys and Girls club events.

What do you do for recreation? Exercise at the local YMCA, Hunt, Golf, Hike.

The book I’m reading (or last book you read): Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates by Brian Kilmeade

If I could have one person to dinner, it would be: My family, with teenage boys its few and far between when we get to sit down together and eat dinner.

I can’t live without: The great outdoors.

The person in history I’d most like to meet: Patton.

My personal motto is… One team, one fight.

Favorite holiday & why? Thanksgiving, no gifts, just family and food.

I never miss… Weekends.

Favorite U.S. city: Chicago.

Pet Peeve: People that don’t respond when you say hi, good morning.

My dream vacation would be: One week hike with family in Glacier National Park and spending each night camping.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be… To sleep in once in a while and spend more time relaxing.

Anything else you want to tell us, or want people to know….. Appreciate the opportunity to share some things about myself with the members of the NAC.

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