Carsnack Reports on Ecuador Earthquake

| April 18, 2016

Carlos A. Ribadeneira, CCM

Carlos A. Ribadeneira, CCM

Carlos A. Ribadeneira, CCM, Corporate Director, Carsnack Group sent the following letter to friends from the industry today to report on the Ecuador earthquake and country situation. The letter outlines ways that NAC members can help.

“First, I want to thank for all messages, emails and calls we have received since yesterday when Ecuador got hit with one the strongest earthquakes in the continent. I appreciate your concerns about Carsnack Ecuador and my team.

The epicenter was located on a small city in the coast of Ecuador. This earthquake cause that several towns and cities near the epicenter as well in Ecuadorian sea coast were severely affected.

Our operation at Carsnack is active. Our Distribution Center in the capital of Ecuador, Quito wasn’t affected by the earthquake.

Several friends and companies have mentioned how they can make contributions to help. I know that international humanitarian agencies are ready. However, if you want to collaborate in this effort more directly , Carsnack Ecuador can work with anyone who wants to help.

Our operations and logistics team will prepare emergency kits with water and canned food for proper distribution on the affected areas with our fleet.

Once again, thanks for your concerns on our company.”

Carlos A. Ribadeneira, CCM
Corporate Director
Carsnack Group
Chile – Ecuador – Peru

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