Company signs deal to sell Nebraska popcorn in China

| November 17, 2016

Preferred Popcorn of Chapman, Neb., has a new deal to continue selling its product in China. ZLTR Trading, Inc., agreed to purchase millions of pounds of bulk popcorn to keep China as one of Preferred’s largest markets.

“There are eight cities in America that have over one million (people) and in China there are 140 cities that have over one million,” Norm Krug, Preferred Popcorn CEO, tells Nebraska Radio Network. “It does make a lot of sense for a highly productive state, like Nebraska, to export to a country that has so many people.”

Krug says they ship about 20 containers of popcorn to China each week. In comparison, he says they sell just one to the University of Nebraska in a year.

Preferred began its business relationship with ZLTR more than five years ago. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF STORY

Source: Nebraska Radio Network

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