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| August 17, 2017

The next semester to participate in the NAC On-Line Concession Certification Management (CCM) Program will begin on August 28. Those interested in taking the class MUST BE REGISTERED BY MONDAY, AUGUST 21st. The course costs $650.00. Those passing the exam at the end of the course may use the designation CCM (Certified Concession Manager) or, for suppliers, ACE (Allied Concession Executive).


NAC has partnered with the University of Memphis to conduct the course. Larry Etter, CCM, NAC’s Director of Education and Senior Vice President of Malco Theatres will once again be the instructor. Etter also serves as adjunct professor at the University’s Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management. The on-line option is designed to make the course more accessible to industry professionals who don’t have the time or travel budget, or simply prefer an on-line learning experience.

While Etter teaches a similar class for upper level U of M students, he is videotaped and audio recorded as he instructs. Etter then downloads the sessions to a class portal where online students can log in and watch the instruction material. The online students are required to purchase the CCM book and follow along as the Power Point presentation is delivered each week.

The online tools seem to be popular with the participants. “It’s very easy to use”, says Theresa Boysen, ACS, ACE Sales Director-Theatre of Kernel Season’s, LLC, “And the material progresses naturally and well to provide an overall picture of proper planning and considerations for concession professionals. Yes. I’ve lost track a couple of times, but Larry helps bridge the gap.”

“Once a concept is presented, a manager has the power to pause the video, digest the information, and implement the material in their respective organizations”, says Michele Lewis, ACS, CCM, President of Sweet Bottom Cookies, “When comfort levels are obtained, the manager has the power to push PLAY and continue to the next lesson.”

Specific out-of-class tasks are assigned much like homework. The students are instructed to complete these assignments and upload to a drop box where the instructor can grade their “homework”. Exams and quizzes are also given online where students log in, download the exam at a certain time, complete the test and upload by a certain time. These time parameters do not fit the class schedule therefore the learning routes are still mandated.

The instructor then grades the exams, work, quizzes, etc. and post those grades to their personal portal. The grading portal also allows for the instructor to comment on the material turned in, hence, the students can see which question they answered incorrectly and get feedback from the instructor.

Students completing the CCM will also receive 4.5 hours of Continuing Education (CU) credits from the university (10 hours of regular semester instructor contact hours = 1 CU. The regular semester course is 45 credit hours). At the end of the program, they will receive a customized CU Credits certificate that has both our university’s and NAC’s logos on it.

Students completing CCM also have the option to obtain regular university credits (3 credit hours) from the university through a credit-by-exam process ( These credits can apply towards existing undergraduate programs or can be transferred to The University of Memphis or another university degree program when they are admitted. However, in order to get this benefit, students will have to be a regular university student by applying for admission to a degree program of their choice. Addition information about University of Memphis admissions can be obtained at :

For those who prefer the more traditional classroom experience, the next live CCM will take place on October 27-30, 2017 at Florida International University (FIU) Biscayne Bay Campus in North Miami, Flordia. Registration is available for the course right now on the Concession Manager Certification page on

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