Two Months Remain for 2018 Krystal La Reese-Gaule Membership Award

| December 3, 2018

Krystal La Reese-Gaule and the Kernel

The Krystal La Reese-Gaule Award has been presented annually since 2013 to the NAC Member who sponsors the most new full members in the fiscal year. The competition is currently wide open with only two months to go and NAC is encouraging ALL members to participate in order to stimulate new member growth and continue Krystal’s legacy. The deadline to qualify for the 2018 Award will be January 31, 2019.

To participate, just encourage and refer an industry contact outside your organization to become a new full member of NAC. HERE IS A LINK TO THE ON-LINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.

Free Registration to the 2019 NAC Concession & Hospitality EXPO in Chicago as well as an impressive award will be presented on Thursday, August 1, 2019 at the Expo.

The Krystal La Reese-Gaul Award is presented through the generous support of Kernel Seasons.

Terry Conlon, ECM, Director of Concessions for Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Illinois and current NAC Board Chairman, captured the Krystal La Reese-Gaule Membership Award for the fiscal year 2017.

The award is established in memory of former NAC Board Member and industry friend Krystal La Reese-Gaule, who passed away due to illness in early 2013. As an active NAC member since 1996 and a great advocate for the Association, Krystal had sponsored numerous new members for which she received the Ruby, Sapphire and Four-Point Diamond pin designation. At the time of her passing, she was on the verge of reaching Double Diamond status, a designation that only a few have achieved in the history of NAC.

Following a career in concessions management with GKC Theatres, Krystal joined Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning as its National Sales Manager in 2005. Known for her warmth, contagious smile and outgoing personality, she was a natural salesperson and quickly made a name for herself in the concession and movie theatre industries.

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