One Large Popcorn and One Pillow Pet Please!

| May 22, 2019

It’s summer and that means time for blockbuster family movies. CJ Products Inc., the manufacturer of Pillow Pets is pleased to introduce Simba and Nala in time for Disney’s Lion King premiere July 19, 2019.

(note: CJ Products Inc./Pillow Pets will be on Display at the NAC Concession and Hospitality Expo in Booth 415)

Pillow Pets make an excellent way for children to bring home memories of their theater experience and extend the play value of the film. With an SRP of $26.99, Pillow Pets have been a proven added value feature in the theater marketplace. Current theaters retailing Pillow Pets have set the price at $30.00, allowing for further profits to their merchandise programs.

Pillow Pets has been providing snuggles and comfort to children and adults for over 15-years. Millions of Millennials and Gen Z parents, who loved Pillow Pets growing up, are now bringing the fun to their children. There are so many ways to imagine and play with a Pillow Pet. When day is done, open the hook and loop and your daytime friend becomes your night time pillow. Pillow Pets are a friend today, tomorrow and forever.
For more information please contact Steve Weiss, Specialty Sales Manager at or (760) 444-4219.

About Pillow Pets
Founded in 2003 by Jennifer Telfer, a mom and entrepreneur, Pillow Pets were the solution to the messy room dilemma. Invented as a two-in-one toy, Pillow Pets start out as a stuffed animal by day and transform into a pillow by night. Pillow Pets are an ideal nap, travel and imaginative play companion for children of all ages. Available in multiple sizes and designs, these plush products have sold millions. Licensing partnerships with Disney, DreamWorks, and Nickelodeon deliver the hottest properties annually to retailers and consumers. The Pillow Pet family of products includes Sleeptime Lites, plush night lights designed for décor and function. For more information visit Pillow Pets.

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