NATO Memo: Phase III Stimulus Legislation + Action Alert

| March 20, 2020

Yesterday, Senate Republicans introduced phase III of the COVID-19 stimulus effort. In addition to provisions on assistance to individuals and families, the legislation includes many of the key priorities NATO has been fighting for: loan guarantees for severely distressed sectors; small business loans that can be used for a variety of costs, including mortgage and rent payments; and deferment of payroll taxes. Over the next few days, Democrats and Republicans will be negotiating the specific provisions of this legislation, which the President wants on his desk as soon as possible.

We encourage ALL movie theater owners and operators, and any other businesses involved in exhibition and impacted by theater closures, to write to Congress and urge legislators to support these provisions so theaters and their employees can weather this crisis. CLICK HERE to write to your Members of Congress and Senators.

CLICK HERE for the highlights of the business continuity provisions of the phase III legislation.

Source: NATO

Category: Member News

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