Vision Media Launches PPE Line

| May 12, 2020

In an effort to assist with the health and safety of your community to re-open theatres and venues, Vision Media is now offering various types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all its clients.

Offerings include custom branded face masks, face shields, social distancing signage, hand sanitizers, contactless cutlery dispensers, individually wrapped drinkware, and more. These products help ensure a safe environment for theatre employees and customers alike. Click Here for more detail.

“For years, families and friends have counted on movie theaters as a source of fun and entertainment. We’re excited to be a part of the effort to help these theaters reopen with health and safety as a priority,” said Neely Schiefelbein, VP Sales.  “By customizing these important PPE items, we are connecting brands with an audience in a way that supports the magic of moviegoing, while keeping safety at the forefront of the experience.”

With the reopening of theatres utilizing additional precautions, PPE is necessary to create a safer environment for employees and customers. Vision Media’s PPE products will allow its partners to confidently open their doors and welcome patrons into a comfortable space for an enjoyable experience.

Vision Media is a trusted partner with over 35 years of experience helping clients achieve their key objectives and goals. We specialize in activating, amplifying, and distributing physical and digital product to audiences around the world. Our state-of-the-art operations allows us to drive innovative and creative solutions to entertainment, medical, and direct-to-consumer clients. Our strength as a company is correlated with the diversity of background and thought that we employ. We are backed and majority owned by AllianceBernstein Private Credit Investors. To order PPE from Vision Media please call or email our sales team.

Neely Schiefelbein Vice President, Sales Phone: 913-322-9178
Lacey Gruenebaum Senior Sales Executive, East Phone: 913-322-8781
Randee Revell Senior Sales Executive, West Phone: 913-322-8782

Source: Vision Media

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