ShowEast 2020 Cancelled

| October 14, 2020

No one would have believed in March 2020 that the COVID-19 Virus would have such a pulverizing and disastrous effect on the motion picture theatre industry. But it has and there are still so many unknowns. Just weeks ago we were encouraged to think that ShowEast would be happening in Miami Beach in early December and now just several weeks later there are spikes in the virus across the country and in Florida that have kept hotels from operating at their peak occupancy levels, studios, exhibitors and equipment companies are still facing travel restrictions until the end of the year and now our site for screenings and presentations for ShowEast is temporarily closed. It just does not seem possible and safe to hold a show.

So, for the fourth time in less than 12 months the FILM EXPO GROUP IS CANCELLING ONE OF OUR EVENTS, NAMELY SHOWEAST. This is a show that the industry was looking forward to creating a spark and excitement for the gathering of the industry to celebrate what looks like a fabulous 2021 at the box office.

We want to give everyone sufficient time to cancel any airline reservations and hotel reservations you may have already made. With this decision we will announce shortly an On-Line ShowEast Event to help kickoff and Celebrate 2021.

This event which will be complimentary to all members of the motion picture industry is our way of showing support to an industry that has been ravaged over the past 7 months but is one that is strong and lives to fight another day.

Look for more information over the next week with more details.

Stay safe and healthy and let’s hope for good times next year.


Source: ShowEast

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