C. Cretors Adds UV-C Sanitizing Chamber to Safety Products Line

| February 4, 2021

135 year old inventor of the original popcorn machine and the catalyst to the start of the entire concession industry, C. Cretors and Company, 5th generation family owned USA manufacturer based in Wood Dale, Illinois beats Spanish Flu, 2 World Wars, Great Depression, recessions and now
COVID-19 pandemic reveals the secret to longevity by pivoting its focus to building PPE products to aid businesses in re-opening process.

C. Cretors and Company, the leading designer and manufacturer of food processing and concession equipment for 135 years, has just announced the launch of five new Covid-19 inspired products. Our patent pending UV-C Sanitizer Chamber with 360 degree rotating rack, a Mobile Floor Standing Shield, and three Universal Hand Sanitizing Stands are all designed to meet the immediate needs of business owners and operators as they prepare to reopen to the public after months of shut-down.

UV-C Sanitizing Chamber with Patent Pending 360 Degree Rotating Rack

The first 360 degree UV-C Sanitizing Chamber is hitting the market! This patent pending UV-C Sanitizing Chamber will sanitize a wide range of items covering 360 degrees within an impressive 1-5 minute cycle with UV-C Light (Germicidal 254nm). Great for shift changes, the chamber will quickly and safely disinfect items such as safety goggles, keys, phones, utensils, eye glasses, tablets; you name it, as long as it fits on the chamber’s carousel it will be sanitized. The patent pending rotating carousel rack is designed to hold various-sized items and expose all contact surfaces evenly to sanitizing rays as it turns inside the chamber. Five interior high-quality Philips 36-Watt UVC lights (Germicidal 254nm) with life expectancy of 8,500 hours assures even exposure of items to UV-C light. The unique digital display indicates when bulbs are near end of life (8,000 hours). At 8,500 hours, the machine will shut down until the bulbs are replaced and control is reset enforcing safety protocols. An internal fan and replaceable filter minimizes foul ozone odors generated by UV-C lights. Other features include 4 time settings with a LCD countdown display, display window to view sanitizing process, and safety switch that will shut off the lights if the door is opened before end of cycle. The cabinet is constructed of durable Stainless steel and is easy to clean. The unit plugs directly into any standard 15amp outlet. Ask about alternative racks options.

Mobile Floor Standing Shield

Built to provide an additional layer of protection, the Cretors Mobile Floor Standing Shield protects staff and customers from possible transmission of germs in locations where transactions take place including theatres, stadiums, hotels, restaurants and much more. The durable shield has an optional customizable pass-thru cut-out that provides space to exchange items including currency, tickets, programs etc. The base includes a shelf on the backside and is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel. The base is mounted on locking casters that allow the mobile shield to be moved from location to location. The front of the base has space for custom signage for things such as event information, team schedules, menus, company logos and much more.

Hand Sanitizing Stands

Designed to accommodate most brands of hands-free sanitizer dispensers and wipes, these universal stands are ideal for high-traffic locations and are easy to place at facility entrances and exits, auditoriums, medical offices as needed or required. The Cretors Universal Sanitizer Stations are constructed from durable 304 Stainless Steel making them sturdy, easy to wipe down and keep clean. The Hand Wipe Floor Stand will hold most wipe canister designs. The Counter and Floor stands will hold most battery operated hand sanitizer dispensers with industrial double-sided adhesive. Custom made decals can be added to both front and back of the stands. The sanitizer arrow signage is included and self applied. Dispensers and wipes are sold separately.

About C. Cretors and Company

Established in 1885, C. Cretors and Company is the leading designer and manufacturer of food processing and concession equipment providing a complete range of innovative food service solutions to companies around the world. A renowned industry innovator, in 1885 Cretors introduced the first patented steam driven popcorn machine that popped corn in oil. Since 1967, Cretors’ Food Processing Division has offered a patented continuous production line featuring a hot air fluidized bed oven for high-volume popcorn production. Over the company’s long and storied history, its Foodservice Division offerings have expanded to include machines that produce and/or dispense cotton candy, nachos, caramel corn, and hot dogs, topping and dispensing equipment as well as warming and display cabinets. Today, Cretors continues to reinvest in research and development to ensure constant improvements in everything from equipment manufacture to customer responsiveness to distributor network communications.

For more information on our COVID-19 products, please us at C. Cretors and Company at cusotmerservice@Cretors.com or contact at (847) 616-6900.

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