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| May 19, 2021

Is it a job or is it a career? Invest in your professional future NOW! The 2021 Summer Semester On-Line Certified Concessions Management Course (CCM) is calling YOU to enroll!

The next semester to participate in the NAC On-Line Concession Certification Management (CCM) Program will begin July 6, 2021. Registration is open now! The course is being offered at a very special rate of $485.00. Those passing the exam at the end of the course may use the designation CCM (Certified Concession Manager) or, for suppliers, ACE (Allied Concession Executive). Students passing receive 4.5 hours of Continuing Education (CU) credits or may be awarded 3 hours regular university credit.

Take your concession career to the next level by enrolling in the CCM class today! Instruction with emphasis on topics essential to a Concession Manager. Enrollment is open to all levels of concession workers seeking to advance their careers. Secure your future by investing in your education-right from your home or office!! This program is offered in affiliation with the University of Memphis Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management.

Management, Profit Planning, Cost Controls and Menu Planning/Branding.

NAC Director of Education, Larry Etter,CCM, SVP Malco Theatres provides a once in a lifetime educational experience.

“The material progresses naturally and provides an overall picture of proper planning and considerations for concession professionals.”
Theresa Boysen, ACS, ACE

Classes Begin: July 6, 2021
Classes End: August 6, 2021


Upon registration, the University of Memphis Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management will set you up with an on-line dashboard. Mr. Etter will contact you at your email address to introduce himself and provide more information.

More about the course:

The class is designed to allow you to complete the task at your pace with some time restrictions.

-You will receive a text book that has all the information you need to complete the certification exams.

-The instructor releases videos of the actual class, it will have all the pertinent points to review and there is a class of students where interaction takes place, i.e. some discussions and guide to the material that prepares you for the exam. There is live interaction, however it is not real time.

-There are 40 hours of instruction time.

-There are 5 modules, at the end of each module an exam is given and you are given 24 hours to complete – you relay to Mr. Etter the exact time you wish to start the test and he sends it to you.

-You are given a semester project. The project is discussed in the class and the videos.

-You have 100% access to Mr. Etter via email and can ask questions at any time. Every attempt is made to answer your questions within 24 hours.

-You can review the videos as often as you want for clarifications. A new video is then turned on for the next lesson. The videos do contain review preparation, and in many cases the review of the upcoming exam.

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