Gold Medal Launches the Ready Series of Cashless Popcorn Vending Machines

| May 2, 2023

The next evolution in popcorn dispensing technology is here with the launch of the Ready Series cashless models from Gold Medal. A complete fresh popcorn vending system, it includes a cashless payment system and a push-button dispenser. This means it’s simple to pay and serve with these convenient self-serve popcorn machines.

The cashless models in the Ready Series are equipped with a programmable payment system. It includes settings for customizing pricing, dispense time, and other options. Customers can pay with a card and then serve up fresh popcorn with just the push of a button. This not only reduces labor for operators, but it also offers customers convenience.

There are three models available in the Ready Series cashless lineup:

– ReadyPop® Cashless – 16-oz kettle and self-serve dispenser in one unit, holds up to 20 gallons of popcorn.
– ReadyServe® One Cashless – warming cabinet with self-serve dispenser, holds up to 40 gallons of popcorn.
– ReadyServe® Cashless – large warming cabinet with dual self-serve dispensers, holds up to 75 gallons of popcorn.

Gold Medal president, Adam Browning says the opportunities for this type of technology are many, “The benefits of the Ready Series cashless models are practical across venues. It reduces lines, saves on labor, increases customer satisfaction, and gives guests an experience they can’t find at competitors. Cashless popcorn vending machines will be a game changerfor stadiums, cinemas, shopping centers, grocery stores, airports, and more.”
To learn more about the complete Ready Series line, please visit or call 800-543-0862.

Source: Gold Medal

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