Gold Medal Unveils Exciting New Flavor Lineup

| May 1, 2024

Five new flavors are making their debut at concession equipment and supply leader, Gold Medal Products Co. These bold and innovative flavors capture the essence of current culinary trends and are designed to enhance the customer experience.

Habanero Maple Bourbon: This flavor is a symphony of spicy habanero peppers, subtle sweet maple, and the rich undertones of smoky bourbon. Picture it as an ideal seasoning for gourmet popcorn or as a bold rub for wings.

Sweet Chili: A “swicy” taste (combination of sweet and spicy), this flavor profile is a crowd pleaser. Use it to flavor chili cheese fries or gourmet popcorn.

Cotija and Aleppo Pepper: This unique cross-cultural blend combines Cotija cheese with the moderate heat of the Aleppo pepper. Create a flavorful popcorn or use it to season street corn.

Peach: Recognized as the Flavor of the Year for 2024, peach is a refreshing and nostalgic fruit flavor. Picture it as a candy-coated popcorn flavor or in cotton candy.

Dulce de Leche: A rich, creamy flavor with notes of vanilla and a toffee-like richness, customers enjoy dulce de leche as a dessert like cotton candy or as a delightful topping.

“These flavors are more than additions to our line; they represent a response to what consumers want,” explained Gold Medal president, Adam Browning. “Each flavor is crafted to evoke emotion, tell a story, and create lasting memories. They offer an experience you can’t find just anywhere, which is what gives venues a competitive advantage.”

The new flavors are in stock and available to order. For more information, please refer to our blog, Taste the Future: 2024 Flavors to Watch , which includes links to each of the individual products.

Source: Gold Medal Products Company

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