Member Spotlight – Neely Schiefelbein, Cinema Scene Marketing

| September 9, 2013


Member: Neely Schiefelbein

Title: Vice President, Sales

Company: Cinema Scene Marketing is an industry leader in bringing promotional campaigns, packaging products for concessions, and digital menu board solutions to the US exhibition market. I oversee our Sales department and work with theatre circuits on promotional and stock concession vessels, as well as promoting our digital network offerings. I also manage all of our promotional studio/partner programs to ensure we are meeting the requirements of the campaigns for our partners, making the correct items to sell, and producing the best quality products in the quickest time possible.

Number of years in the concessions industry: 12 years

NAC member since: 2002

Favorite NAC memory: There are so many good ones – I love this show and always look forward to it. It is my favorite show because you get to experience a new city every year. Being fresh in my mind, I would say NOLA has been one of the most fun cities.

Favorite concession item? Dark Chocolate Raisinets and Red Vines

What keeps you in the industry? The people – I love that it is small and like a family.

Funniest thing that has happened in your concession career: We had a promotional cup that had to ship before Christmas. Dawn, our Logistics Director, couldn’t find a carrier to cover the load so she marched out of the office, went down to the truck stop downtown Kansas City to find a driver that would take a truckload of our cups on Christmas Eve. We made it happen, but she’s got some funny stories from knocking on truck after truck to find someone to cover the load!

Biggest change in the industry: I think the biggest change recently is still happening with need for digital elements to be added to the ever changing lobby space. We have to strive to help theatre owners keep up with technology to make the movie going experience up to speed with the digital times.
Most challenging thing about my job: Keeping organized and on top of everything while on the road. Good news is that most customers understand this!

Strangest thing on your desk or in your office: Right now I have a Movie Theatre Lego Kit that was sent to me as a gift and is waiting to be put together.

If I wasn’t in concessions, I’d be: A designer or doing something creative.

Hobbies: Traveling, Fitness, Cooking, Sporting Events, Volunteering, Skiing

Best thing about being an NAC member: Being able to learn from all the members about new things in the industry – and all the good friends; not just work acquaintances but great friends I have met along the way.

How do you motivate yourself on a tough day? Usually with a good workout at the end of the day – it helps to relieve all the stress from a tough day and get you ready for the next – or a good cocktail usually works also!

How do you relax? Retail therapy – shopping! Weather permitting, I also love my pool time.

Volunteer Activities: I volunteer for my University in assisting with new students and current college sorority women. It’s such a rewarding thing to learn and take from their passion and spirit. And it helps me to continue to feel like I’m still 20! I also volunteer for our alumna organization and assist with our annual 5K race each year.

What do you do for recreation? Skiing, Running, Golf

The book I’m reading: Gone Girl

Last good movie I saw: 42

If I could have one person to dinner, it would be: Kate Middleton and baby Prince George

I wish I knew how to… really speak another language fluently.

I can’t live without: my running shoes.

The person in history I’d most like to meet: Anyone who lived around the 1920s and was high society – I’m so intrigued by that era.

My personal motto is… “Courage is grace under pressure” – Ernest Hemingway

Favorite holiday & why? Thanksgiving and Christmas – I love all the festivities and celebrations during that time of year.

I never miss… a chance to indulge in a delicious dessert.

Favorite U.S. city: Asheville, NC – it’s where we got married!

Pet Peeve: People who don’t pick up after themselves.

My dream vacation would be: Tahiti or someplace in Europe that I haven’t yet visited.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be… I would be more fit.

Anything else you want to tell us, or want people to know….. I really love working in this industry and working with all the vendors and customers alike. On your worst day you have to sit back and think….. I could be selling a lot less fun things. Selling movies isn’t too bad!!

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