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| June 4, 2014


With box-office sales struggling, movie theaters find a way to keep business fresh: foodservice.

“When the cinema industry first was conceived, everyone saw it as a place to go and watch movie stars on the big screen, but then realized there was a need for snacks and food and beverage during the event,” says Larry Etter, director of education for the National Association of Concessionaires and senior vice president of theater services for 29-unit Malco Theatres. “As the expense for presenting films grew, secondary and ancillary revenue streams were created. You saw the development of concessions … to support the profit offset.”

Etter says movie theater foodservice has evolved greatly in recent years. Many theaters, he says, are taking a page from the restaurant industry’s playbook, offering upscale options at the concession stand and integrating both full-service and limited-service dining into the overall experience. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Source: QSR

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  1. Texas Tito's says:

    The movie theatre experience has certainly evolved not only in the United States but other countries as well. In the U.S. food has become more upscale as the article says but items like jumbo dill pickles, nachos with jalapenos and popcorn still have their place. Customers are looking for higher quality versions of these theatre staples though. Overseas it seems that patrons want the U.S. movie theatre experience and are just starting to see out items like jumbo dill pickles and nachos with jalapeno peppers.


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