St. Louis Rams Move Chains on Responsible Sourcing

| September 4, 2014


Sportservice partners with former Rams linebacker Will Witherspoon’s Shire Gate Farm to serve the most sustainable, high-welfare hot dogs and burgers at Edward Jones Dome, MO

ST. LOUIS, MO. (September 4, 2014)–This season, football fans at the 64,000-capacity Edward Jones Dome, home to the St. Louis Rams, will enjoy the first ever high-welfare, sustainable hot dogs and burgers served by stadium concessions, thanks to the pioneering work of Delaware North Companies Sportservice and AWA-certified Shire Gate Farm.

Never shy of tackling societal issues–both on and off the field–the team leads the field when it comes to serving responsibly-sourced meat products to its fans. Through its long-term partnership with Delaware North Companies Sportservice–one of the nation’s leading food, beverage and retail management companies–St. Louis Rams will serve thousands of Rams and visiting Minnesota Vikings fans at the opening game of the season on September 7th with a new range of hot dogs and burgers that will satisfy fans’ growing appetites for meat products that are healthier for them–and the planet.

In keeping with their commitment to environmental responsibility and the guest experience, Sportservice has worked tirelessly with Will Witherspoon–last year’s starting linebacker for the Rams and owner of AWA-certified Shire Gate Farm in Owensville, MO–to serve fans with a new range of truly sustainable, high-welfare hot dogs and burgers at its concessions facilities at Edward Jones Dome.

Shire Gate Farm’s delicious Grassfed Beef Hot Dogs and Grassfed Ground-Beef Burgers are produced using the highest-quality grassfed beef sourced from a handful of local family farm suppliers, all certified by AWA–the nation’s leading and most trusted farm certifier. Shire Gate Farm’s grassfed cattle are raised according to AWA’s exacting animal welfare and environmental standards, outdoors on pasture, without reliance on antibiotics or hormones.

Will Witherspoon, former St. Louis Rams linebacker and owner of Shire Gate Farm, says:

“I am excited the Rams are taking a stand on sustainable food production. Hot dogs and burgers are practically shorthand for bad food, but my Grassfed Hot Dogs and Grassfed Ground-Beef Burgers are fit for a professional athlete. When the bigger players in the food industry raise their game, and start sourcing local, sustainably-produced food in this way, it can lay the foundations for real change–not just at sports venues, but everywhere.”

“At Shire Gate Farm, we’re committed to producing great-value, wholesome food as naturally as possible. AWA and I see eye-to-eye on how cattle should be raised–outdoors on pasture for their entire lives, just as nature intended. The AWA logo is our way of showing customers that we really are doing the right thing by our animals, and the environment.”

Andrew Gunther, AWA’s program director, says:

“We applaud St. Louis Rams and Delaware North Companies Sportservice for demonstrating clear leadership in sourcing truly sustainable, high-welfare meat products from AWA-certified Shire Gate Farm. As a professional athlete, Will Witherspoon understands the direct link between the way we raise animals, the nutritional quality of the meat, milk and eggs they produce, and our own health and well-being. And as a farmer he’s now applying that knowledge first-hand.”

Source: Animal Welfare Approved

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