CineAsia University brings essential advice to the tradeshow

| December 1, 2016

2016_adops_0Jeff Waaland, principal of Golden Link, Inc. conceived a valuable notion: If we educate the owners and operators of cinemas, they will be considerably more successful. The more successful the cinema owner, the more growth in that channel of business.

Golden Link and its team of experts have collaborated with CineAsia to institute a Cinema University on its tradeshow floor in alliance with the National Association of Concessionaires. From its original model of classroom-style presentations two days prior to the opening of the convention, to its applauded integration with the actual tradeshow, this forum has been supported by the entire membership. The practice now includes multiple levels of operational standards. The educational participants range from industry experts to operators sharing their very own successes. The programs that are delivered represent hands-on experience with data that backs up the talk with real-life numbers. The achievements so far have earned a win-win-win rating from the conference attendees, suppliers, manufacturers and sponsors of the universal showcases. CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE STORY

Source: Film Journal International. The Snack Corner column is written by NAC Director of Education Larry Etter, CCM.

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