Life After Distribution…What’s Next?

| April 3, 2017

There is a lot of discussion surrounding “What’s happened to Great Western?” Just about every type of rumor has made its way back to us about being sold, about to close our doors, even our being sold by one of our main customers, just about everything. No question there is a fundamental change continuing to happen in the concessions industry and companies are constantly having to reinvent themselves. Great Western is no exception.

So what did happen to Great Western? To sum it up, we completed a year’s long plan to reinvent ourselves into a specialized manufacturing company that focuses on providing value to its customers. The major change was the divestiture of our distribution division that serviced movie theatres and distributors in the southeast USA.

We are now focused on not just our concessions customers but also our retail, private label, foodservice, and international customers to a degree that we were never able to achieve while challenged by distribution. Companies like CCSI, Vistar, DOT Foods, US Foods, Tri-State, just to name a few, are experts in the field of distribution and we are working hard with each one to provide quality products to our customer base.

So what does all that mean to you, our customer? That means a renewed commitment to product quality and innovation. Innovation in the introduction of new products whether it be our new popping oil blends that keeps our flavor profile at the top of the market while driving your cost down, or our new flavor infused oils that provides an alternative to your traditional buttery topping. Don’t forget our new Nature-All Seasonit Salt that provides the traditional flavor to your popcorn without the artificial colors and flavors.

Product Quality in the form of certified Gluten Free and Kosher offerings produced in SQF Level 2 production facilities. Increased packaging strength in our bulk products to keep the transit damage to a minimum. New technology for product processing to eliminate waste. Backed by the best Customer Service you have come to expect from Great Western.

To coin a phrase made popular in the 80’s; “Our future is so bright we need shades”. Rest assured Great Western is here to stay and we are looking forward to working with you to bring this value add to your organization. Just remember, at Great Western, our team is Keeping it Poppin!!!

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