A Seasoned Professional: Theresa Boysen savors her role at Kernel Season’s

| July 13, 2018

Theresa Boysen, ACS, ACE

Film Journal International enjoys saluting professionals in the cinema channel. This month, we hail a truly “seasoned” professional, Theresa Boysen, sales director, theatre/concessions at Kernel Season’s.

Born and raised in the outskirts of Chicago, Boysen still lives only a couple of miles from her original home in Hanover Park, Illinois. Building on her business and accounting proficiencies, she is a confident, accomplished and focused sales executive.

Theresa Boysen began her working career at age 14 as a hostess at IHOP. She boasts that she was promoted to waitress not long after she started. After graduating from high school, she attended community college, where she applied her energy to a degree in Art. However, to pay for school, she honed her skills in business management and learned office procedures at the local hardware store. Her know-how soon led her to a bookkeeping role at the accounting firm of Bezman, Hirsch & Associates. From there, she got the chance to reignite her passion for art and design when landed a job designing packaging for foodservice supplies, cups, vessels and tableware. The software knowledge she picked up in that role would later open the door to Kernel Season’s. CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE STORY

Source: Film Journal

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