Afin Technologies (SurveyMe) Aquires Entertainment

| September 18, 2019

Lee and Nicola Evans

Afin Technologies (formerly SurveyMe) is set to become a big player in the North American marketing and promotions market after acquiring Entertainment, the leading provider of local and national price promotions in the US and Canada.

The deal, which is understood to be in the region of $25 million, will see Afin take over operation of Entertainment, which connects businesses to consumers with promotional offers via physical coupons and through a mobile app. Entertainment Publications LLC – best known in the States for its large coupon book – currently employs 77 people and is based in Troy, Michigan.

The deal follows the US-only launch of Afin’s app Buxbo, which offers a fresh take on the popular American pastime of ‘couponing’ – collecting coupons to save as much money as possible on shopping and meals out. By acquiring Entertainment, Afin consolidates its place in the mobile couponing market.


Source: Prolific North

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