Malco to reopen all movie theaters over next 3 weeks

| August 18, 2020

Friday, Malco launches a three-week reopening campaign that begins with the introduction of a new Collierville “MXT” auditorium that contains a 75-foot-wide screen that is the largest in the Malco chain.

The campaign culminates Sept. 3 with the theatrical release of the much-delayed and highly anticipated “Tenet,” the new movie from director Christopher Nolan, whose monumental action spectacles — “The Dark Knight Returns,” “Inception,” “Dunkirk” — are crafted to be seen on the largest screens with the densest sound systems possible.

By that date, all Memphis-area Malco theaters are scheduled to be open to the public, with ticket sales limited to half-capacity, to abet the social distancing guidelines that are intended to inhibit the spread of the virus. (Customers will be required to wear masks when they enter theaters, but they may remove them when inside, to eat popcorn and snacks and so on.)


Source: Commercial Appeal

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