NAC Member Virtual Dining Concepts Introduces Delivery-Only Restaurant Brands

| October 7, 2021

The Easiest Way to Drive Revenue for Your Venue This Month!

No matter the industry, all business owners have been affected by the Covid19 pandemic -especially the hospitality industry. There are various companies out there that are experimenting with different solutions on how to increase their profits during this time.

Delivery-only restaurant brands have been a common topic in the restaurant industry lately. Did you know that adding a virtual brand to your kitchen can increase your profits by 30%? If you’re not experimenting with delivery-only restaurant concepts, you’re missing out!

Founder of Earl Enterprises and Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC), Robert Earl, sought out tocreate celebrity endorsed virtual brands that can be added into not just restaurants – but ANY commercial kitchen. Skating rinks, bowling alleys, movie theaters, entertainment centers, stadiums, and arenas… you name it!

Three reasons why you should consider adding a virtual brand to your kitchen:

1. Drive additional traffic into your establishment.
Did you have to shut down temporarily or modify your hours during the pandemic? What if your guests aren’t aware that your establishment is open for business again! Adding a virtual brand shows your guests that you are not only back up and running but ready for business.

With a pick-up option for all VDC brands, you have the opportunity to drive additional traffic into your establishment. With a brand for every kitchen, it might not spark the interest of your normal clientele, but it certainly will interest the consumers that are scrolling through third-party delivery applications.

Mr. Beast Burger is quickly rising to the top as the most popular virtual burger brand available. Created in collaboration with YouTube sensation, Mr. Beast who has 70 million followers, it only grows more and more each day. With more than 1,000 independent restaurants and facilities operating this brand, a pick-up sign instantly sparks a conversation.

Some other large enterprise names that consumers are raving over consist of Nascar Refuel and Barstool Bites. Becoming the leading provider in your area for these brands can increase the awareness of your brand tremendously. Adding a virtual brand can allow you to target a new customer base without changing your existing brand or operations.

2. Maximize your kitchen space.
Do any of you entertainment center owners have that huge commercial flat top grill sitting in your kitchen that is collecting dust? Or an oven… fryer?

As the owner of any facility that operates a commercial kitchen, you should always be looking for ways to optimize your food and beverage cost, especially if you have the equipment to do so. Maybe your original plans to have a full menu in your establishment didn’t pan out the way you had hoped. Now, the possibilities are endless for you to maximize your kitchen space, or even offset the hours your kitchen is not being used.

3. Generate a secondary source of income.
We know there are many expenses involved in keeping an establishment up and running – rent,utilities, labor, and equipment cost just to name a few. If you’re already paying all of these expenses, then why not add a brand that will integrate with your existing operations?

Your only responsibility is to focus on the food and VDC will handle the rest. There is no risk involved in adding one of our brands to your kitchen. You can be up and running and making that additional source of revenue in less than 30 days!

About Virtual Dining Concepts
Created by restaurant owners, Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) offers a low risk, all in one solution to launch a profitable delivery-only restaurant concept in existing kitchen operations. VDC has taken a leadership role in the latest restaurant industry trend of virtual kitchens and delivery-only restaurant concepts, creating exciting brands that satisfy delivery customers’ food cravings. Proven branded concepts are available for customers to order online through the concept’s website, along with the most popular food delivery apps including Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats and Postmates. If you would like to add a virtual brand to your kitchen today, visit

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